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    Hello guys , ive read alot about two things in particular , DDos attack and libwperl as problems when it comes to website security.

    In the case of libwperl they say you can simply stop most attacks by blocking user agent string in the ht access file with the rout of your server .

    DDos however the only thing ve have really seen is people recommending a cloudflare server as these provide those and additional security benefits to your website.

    I however am not a fan of running my website on content delivery networks .

    Any other ways to improve online security from DDos ?

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    for DDOS attack i could advice you to use cloudfalre DnS

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    Thanks for your response but i already mentioned i know of Cloudflare protection against DDOs and im not a fan of it im looking for alternative ways to secure my website in addition to common online attacks that may occur. Like Php Code injection , brutal force type login attacks ( is a captcha php form really sufficient in stopping this ) and who knows what other online threats lurk in the form of viruses.

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