Hi I am a domestic abuse survivor single mother who knew almost nothing about hacking and trusted my internet or wireless provider to keep me safe. I've since discovered how wrong that assumption was. I've lost 2 laptops that have been remote accessed and changed internet providers from AT&T to spectrum only to have my password changed 2 days without putting the password in my phone or computer. My cell phone I believe is cloned or rooted something and I have all this activity and root files and I have no clue where to start but I have gathered a ton of info screenshots ips etc I just need to know what I can do to stop this once and for all. Do I contact the fbi? I can't imagine they woukd care. I have contacted local law but they don't have a cyber dept in my town. My cell phone company says talk to my internet provider my internet provider says talk to my cell phone company and most the time I call either the rep doesn't speak English and I'm frustrated and fed up with not having the privacy and security I'm entitled to as a human being because I have a limited income, or resources. Please can someone point me in the right direction ?