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Thread: I need powerful DDoS stresser websites

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    I need powerful DDoS stresser websites

    I need a ddos stresser to test the safety of my site.
    I use vDos stresser and it's very good and powerful in HTTP & XMLRPC methods.
    But in layer 4 attacks, it's not strong!!
    I need strong stresser websites.

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    1 is the strongest IP Stresser / Booter on the market, we provide strongest and most reliable server stress testing, with up to 350Gbps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkugg View Post ...
    KrebsOnSecurity > DDoS-for-Hire Service Webstresser Dismantled
    APR 18

    Authorities in the U.S., U.K. and the Netherlands on Tuesday took down popular online attack-for-hire service and arrested its alleged administrators. Investigators say that prior to the takedown, the service had more than 136,000 registered users and was responsible for launching somewhere between four and six million attacks over the past three years.

    The action, dubbed “Operation Power Off,” targeted (previously, one of the most active services for launching point-and-click distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. WebStresser was one of many so-called “booter” services — virtual hired muscle that anyone can rent to knock nearly any website or Internet user offline.

    “The damage of these attacks is substantial,” reads a statement from the Dutch National Police in a Reddit thread about the takedown.”Victims are out of business for a period of time, and spend money on mitigation and on (other) security measures.”

    In a separate statement released this morning, Europol — the law enforcement agency of the European Union — said “further measures were taken against the top users of this marketplace in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong.” The servers powering WebStresser were located in Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, according to Europol.

    The U.K.’s National Crime Agency said WebStresser could be rented for as little as $14.99, and that the service allowed people with little or no technical knowledge to launch crippling DDoS attacks around the world.

    Neither the Dutch nor U.K. authorities would say who was arrested in connection with this takedown. But according to information obtained by KrebsOnSecurity, the administrator of WebStresser allegedly was a young man in Serbia named Jovan Mirkovic.


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