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Thread: Info-sharing program between banks and U.S. Cyber Command

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    Info-sharing program between banks and U.S. Cyber Command

    Saw this article this morning and am interested in gauging others' reaction.

    "A secret information-sharing agreement between the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and U.S. Cyber Command reveals the blurring line between the country’s public and private sectors as the U.S. government becomes increasingly receptive to launching offensive hacking operations."

    What do you feel is the appropriate amount of information-sharing between the private and public sectors? Seems like this has the potential to be a one-way street (i.e., private sector gives a lot of info to DoD, LE, etc., but is likely to not see many tangible results in return). Thoughts?

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    There can never be an appropriate amount of information sharing. I think it depends on the purpose/goal and intent.
    Since the threat of war has spilled from traditional battlefields to cyberworld, involvement of public/private sector isn't surprising. I think it is between the private and public sectors to decide what needs to be shared and how much. If the intent is to prevent the organization from attacks from nation states and cyber organizations then the information shared should be around malwares/ransomwares/phishing attacks/securing infrastructures and so on. I don’t see a need to share PII information unless the govt is tracking individuals/organizations for money laundering/illegal activities.

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