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Thread: Need help-remote access to desktop

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    Need help-remote access to desktop

    So I have been having a problem with somehow remotely connecting to my desktop and I am not sure what I am missing and have asked and searched around since it all started about a year ago, everyone basically tells me the same thing get a decent anti-virus and make good passwords. I have done both with absolutely no luck plus I have tried other security tools and other suggestion with no luck. I am not to sure if anyone can help me here but I would like to speak with people with a decent amount of knowledge in computer security. Just an example though I had made a second account on my computer and put a password on it which was the same as main admin account the next morning I tried to log into it and the password had been changed and there was a long weird password hint that that looked like programming code I know the password was right and I didnít had anything for the password hint. There is a good chance this person has physical access to my computer.

    Any help on possible methods of preventing this or insight on how this is being done would be greatly appreciated it thanks.

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    Recommend visiting the "Intensive Care Unit" on our sister site VirtualDr and follow the instructions in the "Sticky: ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ: Rules for this forum (Updated: 3/21/2015)" at the top of the page.

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    Based on the description of the issue, it sounds like your system has been compromised the result of a "Remote Access Trojan" or RAT. The best thing to do is what you've already been told, i.e. purchase a quality anti-virus software solution to scan your system for potential infection. Of course, you should not simply download and run the AV solution, but to instead power your system off, insert a known-clean "boot disk" and boot your system, then scan it with the AV software. Be aware the longer you wait to do this, the worse it will become as the system often becomes further compromised...

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