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Thread: Keyword ranking fluctuation issue?

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    Thank you for sharing an useful post
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    Keyword fluctuations are normal you need to create quality links for your website.

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    Keyword fluctuations are natural. It happens most of the time. However, to maintain keyword ranking you should keep creating relevant links and post contents on your website. If we think in another way, keyword ranking is controlled by Google. As we know many blogs are posted every single minute, keyword fluctuation is normal in keyword ranking.

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    The more competitive a query is, the more the sites ranking for that query will fluctuate. When a query is competitive, Google is typically crawling the sites relevant for that query more often. The players competing for rankings in that query are more than likely making frequent changes on their sites.

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    If your keyword rankings are constantly fluctuating, this may mean that there is competition in your queries. There could be two ways the changes in your keyword rankings may be related to your competition. First, your competitors may be updating their pages to keep higher rankings.

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