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Thread: How I can secure my Gmail Account

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    I use dashlane for really strong password in order to have different ones generated randomly =

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    Change the password and never give it out to anyone.
    yes it is right method

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    Post Best Solution to secure your gmail

    On your phone, find your Google Settings. Depending on your device, either: ...
    Under "Services," tap Security. Security code.
    If needed, enter your phone password and pick the account.
    You'll see a 10-digit code.
    On the screen of the phone where you want to sign in, enter the code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuvi View Post
    You can take the following steps to make sure your gmail account is safe and secure
    1) Use a Strong Password (Make Sure its Unique)
    2) Review Login Sessions Occasionally for Suspicious Activity
    3) Turn on Two-Step Verification
    4) Don’t open any unexpected Attachments
    5) Have Random Security Questions
    6) Use a Secure HTTPS connection

    Adding onto this, changing your password every now and then can be helpful!

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    Yeah, I guess 2FA is sufficient to secure your gmail account. If 2FA is breachable then nothing can save you.

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    Make use of lengthy passwords, turn on two-factor authentication, connect using a virtual private network(VPN), and double-check the security settings.

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    Never give your password to anyone
    Enable two factor authentification
    Dont leave your account connected,on some random pc

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    Turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
    Use a strong, unique password.
    Change your password regularly.
    Monitor your account for suspicious activity.
    Review and revoke third-party access.
    Verify your account recovery options.
    Always use a secure connection (HTTPS).
    Beware of phishing attempts.
    Keep your software updated.
    Stay informed about online security best practices.

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