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Thread: How to Secure my website

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    Keep the credentials safe and make sure you use the combination of numbers and characters.

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    You needn't to worry about the security of the website on blogger. All you need is not to share your credentials with anyone. Until you share your login details and other credentials, no one can hack your website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinlee View Post
    If it is blogger related site then it is rare chance it gets hacked. Hoping your blog has a secured password and your computer is free from malware and spyware!
    I believe that it is not only about credentials. Safety is also about vulnerabilities present at different platforms. Have you ever heard of cross-site scripting (XSS)? It is a sort of attack in which malicious scripts are injected into websites (or web apps) to be run on the end user's device. By the way it is extremely popular nowadays when the scale of remote work is growing in number really significantly. I mean you can have your password with you but it doesn't mean that your site will not be hacked.

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