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Thread: How Animated Explainer Videos do More Business

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    How Animated Explainer Videos do More Business

    By describing what a business does the sole objective of an animated explainer video is not just spreading the brand’s message but also help to close in more business. Why is so much effort put into making the videos clear, crisp, and real attention grabbers? Well, the answer is simple “to make more profit.”
    These marketing videos are the real reason why website visitors actually turn into actual customers. Here’s how animated explainer videos do the trick:
    What do the visitors get out of it?
    If your brand’s explainer video is presented as a sales deck in the market then it’s not going to work. Instead, it should work as an introduction to your brand. The vital message to be conveyed in the video should be directly spoken out to the target audience coming to visit your website.
    After watching your company’s animated explainer video, the visitors should have an absolutely clear understanding of what you’re offering them and what is the first step towards making the purchase. If the audience feels highly compelled to buy your product/service, then they should be able to do it without any hassle. For that, you need to end the explainer videos with a strong call-to-action.
    First, collect, detect, then sell

    Video analytics tools are highly significant when it comes to knowing more about the visitors visiting the websites. With the help of these metrics, you can detect how long the visitors watch the video and also what particular section is preferred.

    You can collect and detect this data and narrow down the visitors who are most interested in your product. This is how they get converted into actual customers.
    Integrating of data in your CRM
    Tracking information is one of the greatest benefits of having animated explainer videos. As mentioned already, it is highly useful in obtaining data on an individual level from the audience. But where it’s real power lies is in the integration with CRM (customer relation management). This will enable you to transform engagement data into individual lead records.
    This helps in configuring a video-viewing history record, based on per-lead. This is simply, the record of the time spent by the viewer on your explainer video and what particular sections they’re particularly interested in. This way you can actually keep a detailed record of the leads with the biggest potential. When these potentials are closely narrowed down, then you can
    design strategies keeping in mind their interest. This result in sharper focus and you will also be able to save money.

    Animated explainer videos are powerful marketing tools. Use them wisely and apply the above-given advice to clench in more business deals.

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    I guess explainer videos are mostly popular in America and Europe but not in Asia

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    You can easily promote it targetely on Instagram. It has all the prerequisites for it. The only con is that additional tools needed. But it's all justified cause it generates clients for sure.

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    I will agree with the @Darkside321 you are right animated videos are most popular nowadays to promote business and most of the websites, blog, and business hire animated video production company to get more leads, in fact there are is high ration of people who doesn't consider to read the whole article and prefer to watch the 60 seconds promotional animated video. I think no matter if you are working sharing explianer, 2D,3D or explainer video and whiteboard animation is one of the best option. Hope I am right.

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    Well, that's because animated explainer videos are one of the best and successful marketing tools. They'll do more business in the hands of right marketing campaign. Of course, to grow your business you must record a good explainer video that will fit your brand idea and set your goals right.

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    Many services related businesses are going with the explainer videos nowadays..they are catchy and explain things in easy way.

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