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Thread: error can not delete all files?

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    error can not delete all files?

    Best Android apps for music lovers

    Since its inception, online music has overgrown and is one of the top choices for listening to music. Many online music services allow you to listen to free music, which helps to prevent piracy and permission from artists.


    Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the world, offering tens of millions of songs, music playlists, podcasts, podcasts, and even video content. Only the powerful combination of YouTube Red and Google Play Music offers a better overall choice of both video and audio content. Spotify has a strong foothold in many parts of the world. Moreover, its free version is much better than its competitors. Other online music applications have more strengths but also less weakness than Spotify. However, Spotify does everything well, and that's why it's become so popular.

    If you are interested in Android games, have a look at


    TIDAL is an online music service promoted by musicians. The service offers more than 48.5 million songs, works in dozens of countries and is owned by a group of musicians and artists. Other features include 16-bit CD quality audio ($ 19.99 per month), Android TV support, music playlists, music blogs, and more than 130,000 music videos. Competitors often have the tricks to advertise, but TIDAL will definitely meet the audience who love music.


    Another popular online music service is SoundCloud. This service is handy for indie musicians around the world. Many people have downloaded their music to SoundCloud to share with others. SoundCloud Go is a music streaming service for SoundCloud, which offers tens of millions of popular tracks. At $ 9.99 a month, the service will provide a total of over 150 million records available. This is the second largest music collection in the world (after Google Play Music and YouTube Red). SoundCloud is the perfect place to discover indie music without anyone knowing. In addition, the service also includes common applications such as music playlists, radio and other discovery features.


    Tuneln is slightly different in the field of music online. It does not have universal features such as music content on demand. However, it has a variety of stations, podcasts and even online sports (in the premium version).

    The service includes AM and FM radios, 600 free trade stations (only in the premium version) and more than 100,000 other stations. If you cannot find a radio station, there is probably no wave. However, this service is only for those who are interested in online sports, podcasts or radio talk and you will experience the other apps in the list above.


    Pandora is one of the most popular music apps ever. On Pandora, there are two main experiences. The first is a radio-only service that lets you skip songs, like or download your favourite songs. The second is on-demand streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music. On-demand package rates are $9.99 per month, including free Pandora features. This is really a great option if you are using the Pandora app or want to experience the radio playlist above.


    It's easy to get familiar with GONEMAD because of its convenience and ease of use. It will help you quickly improve the sound quality even if you have never had experiences with this music player, with nearly 250 sound settings are available as well as the ability to edit the interface thanks to 1000 essential themes. GONEMAD Music Player is also capable of playing gapless playback (continuous playback of tracks without any interruption, optimised for all audio formats). You can use all features of the app for free within 14 days before making a purchase decision.

    And you can find more Android apps like this by clicking 7 best Android music apps: listen to your favorite song for free


    Phonographs have undergone a lot of changes in the user interface and even changed the name. The latest version of the Android music player adds a new song search feature, and the playlist interface looks like a card underneath the app's home page. Phonograph also allows you to customise the interface to suit your taste and personal aesthetics. The defect of this music app is that it does not have an audio equaliser, the quality of the music player will depend entirely on your phone's music capabilities.

    Astro Player Nova

    Astro Player Nova allows you to use it for free for a month, after which you will have to upgrade to $4.99 to use this music management software. The Astro Player Nova application allows you to play Audio Book and Podcasts and will enable you to automatically download them through the album cover information page, adjust the audio or the interface as you like.

    Slacker Radio

    Slacker Radio offers free or paid services related to music, a variety shows, comedy, sports and many other forms of entertainment. Like Pandora, Slacker supports cross-platform, and you can listen to your favourite radio quickly, easily or listen to the playlists that they compose. The $3.99 paid version will remove ads, and gives you unlimited music skips, the $9.99 version lets you listen to music on demand and enjoy offline music.

    The Phonograph

    The Phonograph is a music player that has a sleek interface and is designed in the style of Material Design by Google. You can change the colours and basic settings so that you can use the method that suits you the best. Not too flashy or complicated, the Phonograph displays merely everything correctly. This music player is compatible with Android 4.1 devices and is free of charge.


    MediaMonkey is a full-featured music player and makes it easy to set up your music collection. The element to makes MediaMonkey a unique music player is the ability to sync your music list from your computer to your phone (and vice versa) via WiFi. Also, MediaMonkey can also convert audio formats, automatically rename music files, search for duplicate or missing tags, create an archive playlist, publish statistical reports and more.

    Finally, you can click here to discover more and more Android apps Save your memorable moments with these best free Android camera apps
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    One reason why is because the uninstaller was not created correctly. Or maybe something on your computer is keeping it from working correctly. Or maybe some of the files are needed by other programs on your computer.

    You might try Revo Uninstaller

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