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    SSL Certificate

    Hey y'all. Do you guys find that your website's unique visitors are affected by whether or not you have an SSL Cert? In other words, do you recommend getting one?



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    website ssl:it's very important
    1:for other peopel when they open your website
    2:for google robots(seo)

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    https websites are tend to be more trustworthy in comparison with the http

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    As per my SEO ( search engine optimization ) experiences and knowledge....

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certifications are essential for SEO and website security.

    The following justifies the significance of an SSL certificate for SEO:
    Security and Trust:
    HTTPS as a Ranking Signal
    Improved User Experience
    Browser Warnings for Non-Secure Sites
    Secure Data Transmission
    Referral Data
    Mobile Friendliness and Mobile SEO
    Positive User Signals
    SEO Best Practices

    In addition to being necessary for data security, obtaining an SSL cert also complies with SEO best practices and enhances user experience. The utilization of HTTPS is anticipated to become even more essential for preserving and raising search engine ranks as long as Google keeps security as a top priority.

    Let me know if I missed any point!

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