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Thread: How did you guys relax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetApple View Post
    I spend a lot of time working, and after a hard day I love computer games. Especially Valorant, a great way to relax and blow off some steam. I have great service Overboost, always helping me get good rewards. I love to drink beer and shoot, especially in the company of pros.
    Also i very like Overwatcg and CS Go, it's always make me happy

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    Yesterday I spent amazing day with my husband on the mountain, and when we got home I realized how much is important to have a day like this. It is important to know how to relax, it doesn`t mean that you have to take a weekend on the mountain or in spa. It is important to get to know your body and to find the things that will relax you on daily bases. It could be a good book, or cup of tea, or hot bath, or doing some sports, good movie, anything that is working for you.

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    by jogging, going out with friends by watching my favorite movie, by good sleeping,talking with old friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlirpa View Post
    And it should be dog avoid the cats

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