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Thread: Crypto Mixer | Bitcoin Mixer?

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    Crypto Mixer | Bitcoin Mixer?

    Because I'm using mixing-services very often and my favorite mixer isnt

    existing anymore, im searching for a new mixer.

    Previous experience: - not recommendable, because they twice didnt payed me

    out and the support isnt answering - unfortunately actually down - only tested with 220 so far, fast service, recieved

    everything, but still not knowing if its trusted

    Do you know otherwise bitcoin mixer? I thought I have to go safe, if not

    I will test it again and tell if everything worked well.

    Because my favorite currently is Ledgermixer because of the low fee and

    the nice infrastructure and because they also accepting other

    cryptocurrency coins.

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    This is an interesting discussion! I read about bitcoin on this site There is not only a blog, but also necessary the tools for the Bitcoin merchant: a Bitcoin wallet, that is, buying and selling on the site, then a price rate and support team. In this way you raise your finances by exchanging currency.

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    I find this post informative enough, thanks for the link!

    ** Link removed by Site Moderator so it doesn't look like you're spamming us. Please don't post them again.**
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    Can anyone help me find a good, reliable cryptocurrency exchange to trade?
    I would like to buy ETH and XRP. Or exchange Bitcoin. I liked option, see here very low fees. Is not it? Maybe choose this exchange?
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    I learned about cryptocurrency when my uncle was crazy about it. He quickly pulled me into this area. There were a lot of unpleasant moments: financial holes, debts, etc. but now he is overtaken by success. Looking at this, I also decided to try myself in this business and change usd to btc. Huge experience and mistakes now let me know much more than before. Guys, how did you find out about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general? Tell your story.

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