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Thread: Website issue

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    Website issue

    I edited the contents of this page: ** deleted ** I tested it on my mobile and PC. But I'm getting the older version in it in all the browsers of my android device. The newer version is shown in iPhone, Windows PC, and Macbook. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is this anything related to the phone software?

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    If you clear the browser's cache, it will force it to show the new page instead of the one in the cache.

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    Here is the main problem.

    Changes Are Expensive
    If you have any experience working with web developers, you know by now that it’s important to have a very specific idea of what you want the results to be before you start. More often than not, if you go into a project without a very clear idea of the end state you desire, additional and costly re-work will be required.

    Managing re-work can be tricky, time consuming and cost inefficient. This is why it’s important to ask for mock designs before you begin. The cost of a development project can escalate as the project progresses if there are too many changes. To avoid cost overruns, don’t spend too much time perfecting any single aspect of the project. Don’t let “perfect” be the enemy of “good,” unless time and cost is not a factor.

    Website Launch
    The day you launch your site is probably the most important day of your entire project. Launch day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you consider these tips:

    Start with a “coming soon” screen that you can use to briefly explain your business and to gather the email addresses of potential customers.
    Soft-launch the site for friends, employees and a few chosen customers. All parties should be aware the they are operating on an unfinished product.
    At first, launch only the core feature of the planned system. When you are sure everything works okay, follow up with additional features. This will also allow you to keep users interested by regularly releasing new features.

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    Try clearing the caches and cookies..

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    nice post

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    Try to clear caches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bavya View Post
    Try to clear caches.
    This thread is THREE YEARS Old.

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