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Thread: Most Trusted VPN

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    Most Trusted VPN

    Is there anyone here can discuss what is the best and most reliable VPN?

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    Definately not NordVPN as they confirmed that were hacked back in 2018. If you read the whole information about this company you would see how deep this can influence its users.

    I would always prefer a "dedicated VPN". That is literally a server for me with a dedicated IP (which would never change) and no one would be able to log any of my activities. However, this comes with a price that for example Netflix would not work with it.

    It really depends when you say what is the safest VPN... in terms of security I would say a dedicated VPN but in other terms I would say known Brands such as AVAST or AVIRA and such.

    As I mentioned personally I got a dedicated server from this company: AiONETS for almost the same price as regular VPNs. They installed everything for me and it has been working for more than a year with no issues. I have been updating the interface (which is based on FreeBSD) and I am pretty happy.

    They also offer other VPNs however, you would need to contact their support for VPN services.

    All in all, if you would have a little knowledge of Linux or Unix, you can get a cheapest VPS/Cloud server somewhere and manage everything yourself.

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    There are a lot of VPNs that are top on the list. It depends on the purpose for which you use and also depending on the country from which you use it, which service is comfortably to use it. you may ask from your colleagues and friends before using it.

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