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Thread: About Security for Business Network

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    Question About Security for Business Network

    Network security is very important, especially for business network. I read this article which mentions many employees put their employers' businesses at risk of viruses and security violations. Most access their private e-mail from their work desktops and habitually enter their work e-mail addresses into chatrooms, newsgroups and e-commerce websites. It seem reasonable that employers should take action to protect their business network.*

    Full Article: Full Article

    Here comes my question:

    The following website mentions to combine multiple security products into a single platform, then employer's can limit their employees more easily. *Is this widely used nowadays in companies?

    *"UTM brings together previously disparate security platforms and technologies. A typical UTM solution will have a broad base of functionality including firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), network-based anti-virus and anti-spam intrusion prevention, content filtering, user authentication and even load balancing. UTM must now protect against a wide variety of threats from both external and internal sources. While not necessarily complicit in any attack, employees (and their computers/laptops) are being targeted as "softer" entry points into a network. Internal user control and identity-based policies are now increasingly important so as to limit who can do what..."*


    Does this mean that employee's every action are limited and controlled? Any real example?

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    Securing our business network against intruders can be a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming process in this situation. This is more critical for smaller businesses as they cannot afford to make mistakes when committing to such important and potentially expensive investments. Many businesses try to find ways to secure their systems through the wireless network solutions for a minimal cost and time investment.

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