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Thread: How to Get Real and Active Twitter Followers

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    Post How to Get Real and Active Twitter Followers

    What is Twitter? It is a social network where you have to 'tweet' to convey information. Character limit makes you think twice before posting, so there are a number of tactics that owners can follow to get more fans.

    To get more followers on Twitter, do the following things:

    1. Write a good description of your profile. It should reflect clearly the spirit of the account.

    2. Don’t forget about tweets and tweet a lot! It is very important to let followers know that the owner of a page is still there.

    3. Post in the best time - on lunch breaks, for example.

    4. Hashtags are also useful and crucial when it comes to twitter. Use them wisely.

    5. Visuals make content powerful. Research proves that tweets with visuals get a lot more comments and likes than those who do not.

    6. Cross share the tweets. Today, brands usually have accounts on different social media: on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. you can promote the content using the rest of the profiles you have elsewhere.

    7. Always tag and answer. Nobody wants to feel ignored. Somebody should track every tag in a well-organized company.

    8. Never stop looking for fans in the niche - followers are everywhere!

    9. Encourage new public. Promote engagement using different techniques. Some of them include playing games, raffles, and contests.

    10. Be critical of your own work. Take a look at what the best people in the field are doing. Copy their tactics confidently.
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    Thank you for sharing this here. Was looking for something similar to increase my twitter activity.

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    Thanks a ton for the suggestions, I do follow some of the steps mentioned in the list but still for some reason, I haven't found enough followers (hovering around just a little over 1000 followers).

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    Thanks for sharing your valuable information I was looking the same.

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    This is good information. In my opinion, Twitter is one of the harder places to gain traction depending on your niche. Facebook and Instagram I feel are somewhat easier.

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    It is very good detailed information.Thanks for sharing it. It helps me a lot in my twitter account.

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    Thank you for sharing the suggestion on increasing active twitter followers.

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    Share relevant and useful content.
    Post visual content.
    Tweet consistently.
    Interact with others.
    Promote your @name everywhere you can.
    Tap into your existing customer base.
    Run a followers campaign or buy twitter followers.

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    Thanks for these steps and advices!

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    Amazing Techniques very helpful post keep sharing

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