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Thread: usb flash drives

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    usb flash drives

    who makes the longest-lasting usb flash drives on the market today? samsung, kingston, sandisk, ect...? im talking about something that will last me a long, long, long time to come......... with so many manufacturers around its kind of hard to say who will make a product that will last for a really long time. would anyone happen to know, which maker or company would be able to produce something of this caliber in nature? i dont care about the price but about the durability of the product sort of similar to a jansport backpack. anyone or someone care to tell me? somebody? rsvp.

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    Any flash drive could last centuries if files were saved to it one time and the drive stored in a fireproof safe.

    If the drive is going to be used all day long every day and stored in a dirty area, and generally not handled very well, they don't last as long.

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