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Thread: Is windows defender enough ?

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    Is windows defender enough ?

    So i just got windows 10 --late i know ive been running seven for as long as i can and despite my notions about it I actually enjoy windows 10.

    I am new to it though so my question is the windows defender on windows 10 seems quite active and has some good talk about it around the web.
    My Computer came with mcafee another layer and im just wondering if this isnt overkill?

    I did realise unless im mistaken that windows 10 Defender does not really have a web browser antivirus.... I would prefer to run one antivirus.

    I am now due to that using kaspersky in favor of mcafee but i was just curious if there isnt a better option ( altough this setup is pretty good to me ) Always just trying to get that little bit of extra performance .

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    Since you have mcafee - defender is probably disabled.

    I only use defender on my Win 10 machine.... But I also manually scan with Malwarebytes.

    Then there's the part about whatever you used for Win 7 would be OK for 10.

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    I have the same dilemma - whether to continue using only Windows Defender or reinstall Kaspersky. Until last year, I had been using Kaspersky and was very happy with it (my OS was Windows 8 back then). But once I shifted to Windows 10, I had to uninstall Kaspersky as the system would run really slow (even upon disabling Windows Defender). I still remain a bit apprehensive whether Windows Defender would be enough to guard against viruses and malwares.

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    If you visit porn sites and always open attachments in emails that are sent from bad people - purchase all the anti virus software you can afford.

    Adding the free version of Malwarebytes is a good thing.

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    I use only defender and a number of browser addons to feel safe while browsing. Some security experts say that No Script is a must have in terms of safity while browsing.

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    Yep, NoScript along with at least these three additional Add-ons:

    Adblock Plus
    HTTPS Everywhere
    Privacy Badger

    Also, keep Windows up to date, Windows Firewall, Windows Defender as well as MalwareBytes Premium.

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    I think it is sufficient in most subjects, but I do not think it is sufficient especially on the internet. You should check out other antivirus programs.

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