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Thread: Getting a whole lot of spam mails through Contact Form

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    Getting a whole lot of spam mails through Contact Form

    Hello Friends,

    Of late I have been getting way too many spam mails (virtually every day) through the contact form of my blog Candid Opinions. Previously there never was any issue but this has cropped up in the last 4 or 5 months. I have tried changing the contact form code and even uploaded it on a different host but the issue persists.

    Does incorporating captcha codes really help in minimising the spam mails?

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    Yeah websites and spam are a real issue. I have a few things that i do the reduce the amount of spam on my websites none eliminate all but it gets alot of the,
    Use recapthca
    Use a honey pot
    Hide email addresses with javascript, obfuscate them so they can be read.
    Look at you web hosting server spam filters and adjust, some allow to adjust per word so things that pop up regularly on your mail such as cryptocurrency you can set as a word to trigger a mail as spam
    Use pop3 to fetch mails from your web hosting server - gmail has a decent spam filter too.
    If you are suing wordpress be sure to turn of pings and track backs.
    Use lesser known programmes - bots often look for footprints of widely used contact forms like contact form 7 ect et.
    Use a cdn such as cloudflare to eliminate some bots from getting to your website.
    Use parameters in your htaccess file to block well known spam bots. there are code snippets all over the web for this that get updated.

    When you website gets older and gains more traction on the web it will get exposed to more and more bots spm comes with the territory.

    I dont think you could ever eliminate all spam but most of it can be stopped. although spammers will also look for new ways to bypass current measures and then new measures will be created its an ongoing thing.

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    thanks for the update

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