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Thread: Simulator games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edeemaxy View Post
    Personally, I'm a big fan of simulator games. They offer a unique blend of realism and escapism that's hard to beat. Whether it's managing cities in 'Cities: Skylines', exploring space in 'Kerbal Space Program', or living another life in 'The Sims', there's something for everyone.

    If you're looking to discover new favorites, think of choosing games like rolling a d20 in a tabletop RPG - sometimes you have to take a chance to find a gem. A cool tip: use the 'Discovery Queue' feature on Steam to get personalized game recommendations based on your interests.
    And for a bit of fun, check out this d20 roller. It's a neat tool that adds an element of chance, just like exploring new games. xx
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    Thanks for the Steam Discovery Queue tip! By the way, ever tried adding an extra twist to your gaming exploration? I found this d20 roller that adds an element of chance ? pretty cool. Also, if you're into mobile games, there's this interesting one called solitaire cash that combines classic gameplay with a chance to score a little extra. Happy gaming!
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