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Thread: Bold Keywords - SEO

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    Bold Keywords - SEO

    Highlighting keywords in bold has any advantages or does it make any difference?

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    Hi there, at first i'm going to state this, don't believe everything you read online not from seo gurus and not from google becasue google does NOT want you to know seo if you knew how to rank your website easily you would be much less likely to spend money on advertising, this is why they rank directory sites ( even though technically a directory site is a culmination, duplicates of individual sites ) because the single business owner will use advertising.

    Even if you do figure out how to rank fast awesome it will change again within a few months this is what google does and unless you are somebody who can spend all their time keeping up with google and make money doing that you are not going to.

    For what its worth bold and italic keywords are said to increase the importance of that word - I don't know how true this is what it does do is draw attention of a user and highlighting the right words can make a big difference for skim reader in how they use your site. So theoretically if you can increase your user metrics positively it should increase your rank - while google still uses user metrics as a ranking factor.....if they still do..

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    Highlighting the words does not make any difference in SEO. It can be used to make your content eye-catching for the user, in this way, you will be succeed to get more traffic on your website. But, in actual, bold words would not affect your SEO results.

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    Maybe I should put this simpler -

    Bold keywords => better reading and understanding of website
    Better understanding and reading of website => more positive user metrics, website dwell times, conversions ect.
    more positive user metrics => higher google rank.

    Thus :
    Bold keyword usage ( in the right places ) can increase google rank.

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    Thank you guys for the response. Cheers!

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    Keyword bold do nothing in SEO.

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    <b> and <i> are used to define bold and italic text, without any extra importance. Basically they are telling the browser what the text should look like, without emphasizing its content. <strong> and <em> are used to define a semantic emphasis. <strong> defines bold text, with added semantic “strong” importance.

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