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Thread: No-code app development

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    No-code app development

    What do you think when will developers move to no-code app development in the future. Like Developing apps with drag and drop?

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    I am not sure that it will be in the future at least someone will create the app for it. As an example 2 platforms - Wix and WordPress. On Wix everyone can create the platform with Drag and Drop while for the Website on the WordPress need more time.

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    Agree. But the apps won't be such soon. The results that you can get nowadays are clumsy. We tried a list of services, and still sticking to Native Development here in [*** deleted ***].

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    Wordpress is clearly not drag and drop. Ofc you can always use drag and drop plugins but if you are developer that you have put way more effort to create something good! The whole post looks like a bot written but idea is good.

    Also, to make something like that you need application for that and even then it will have tons of limits.

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    Yes, It won't happen soon.

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