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Thread: Programming language for web security?

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    Programming language for web security?

    Which one is the best programming language for web security?

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    If someone has made it past your firewall etc..... I don't think it matters at that point does it?

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    If you're thinking of a career in cybersecurity, read the following by Krebs on Security:

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    It isnt about which programming language you use, it is about properly implementing code that does not expose yourself or a user.

    Things like SQL Injection and XSS are quite dangerous. Most can be avoided by doing your code in such a way that prevents these types of attacks.

    if (!is_numeric(_POST['user_id)){ return; }

    If those values you get from end users are blindly trusted, then expect it will get you and others hacked.

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    While I agree in some fashion that no web programming language is "the safest". I think what gives this idea is that languages like PHP that have a very low entry-level for programmers lead to a lot of bad code and more frequent successes on hacking making it seem that this language is more or less secure than something else. ( It may just well be)

    On the other hand languages with very high entry levels are usually used by people who are pedantic and have will be coding in multiple languages for the rest of their life, they probably don't make as many mistakes as Johny who learned PHP a few weeks ago on some quick course and is launching his own web app already. We all have to start somewhere though.

    I do also believe that some languages are just easier to leave holes open than others.

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