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Thread: how to increase traffic

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    how to increase traffic

    Hi, guys!

    I have a website. It was created several month ago. Three months have already passed but the traffic is not high. So, I need somehow to increase it. What can you recommend ?? Any tips on how to make my website visible to numerous visitors? Maybe there are some special tools or special programmes? or maybe I should use advertising.

    Guys, any ideas are welcomed !

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    use social media and boost your traffic and you can use google adwords for more traffic and marketingg

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    SociaL media is the one of the best option to increase the traffic

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    What's worked for me is to create a Facebook page and then post stuff from my site on there. After that, you can join relevant groups and share the content from your page. Because you're sharing it and not directly posting it, mods rarely realise you're using the group for promotion purposes. Don't do this all the time of course - limit it to about one every four posts or so if you're posting once per day.

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