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Thread: It's been a minute...

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    Red face It's been a minute...

    I signed up with AO forums back in 2003. I was reading hacking zines at a voracious pace, and hanging out with my local 2600 crew. I think I found a lot of textfiles through AO that helped me get started on my career.

    I haven't really been much of a participant, but every year on my birthday I get a nice email wishing me well. That's nice, so this year I figured I'd pop in and say thanks for thinking of me (metaphorically) even though we haven't talked in the last 16 years or so.

    ... How's everyone doing today?

    (EDIT: It's been 16 years and I still haven't learned how to spell properly.)

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    It's funny how the birthday emails affect people differently.

    But the site is a wholeeeee lot on the slow side.

    HAPPY Birthday. (yesterday)

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    Nice. Happy BDay to you! Hope you all are doing fine.

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    Thumbs up

    Happy belated Birthday endotoxin!

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