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Thread: Local Seo?

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    Ok so if I may give you some background. Because the number of websites that are indexed on google every day for niches is increasing so much that most will never see the top of Google, Google has really prioritized local SEO as a way to mitigate this. They first started it in GMB listings where proximity is a massive ranking factor. Now for the last 2 years or so your natural organic results also lean towards local results. I believe Google thinks this is a better user experience for people. It also allows many more websites to get shown. TLDs, for example, you used to see .coms everywhere however if you look up Serps now they usually have a good number of local TLDs in the top results. Google is also doing this to remove any organic monopoly of bigger companies why? so that they will use AdWords. So for us smaller guys it's a win-win IMO. If you want to know exactly how to use local SEO im not going to spam this forum with something that there are millions of articles on. One things that I will say that many of those articles do NOT mention is the impact of direct brand searches usually a user saw a banner or a flyer or car branding and did a direct search. This is a massive local ranking factor for Local because Direct brand searched is telling Google somehow people in your city know about you.

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    What all do we cover in local seo? Because i know the basics like submission n to search engines and submit the busines in google local business will help get some organic traffic is there much more to do in local seo?

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    local SEO is very important, hence it runs the website traffic and monitors the user traffic.

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    Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website in order to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness from local search

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    Given that you posted this question two years ago, you may already have some experience, but here's a quick breakdown for you and anyone else who stumbles upon this thread.
    Local SEO is all about optimizing your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. Think about it this way: when someone nearby searches for a business like yours, you want to show up in those top results.
    For an in-depth understanding, you should definitely read this Crowdo article that explains What is Local SEO and provides actionable tips to improve your local search rankings.

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    can i ask a question?

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