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Thread: EMail spam

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    EMail spam

    Guys I know there are alot of articles on the web on this but I just cant seem to stop the flow of spam to my mail server :
    Things I've done
    Removed naked email addresses
    Used spamassassin on my cpanel
    Honeypot on my contact forms
    Set spam trigger keywords server
    Pop3 with gmail - I assume gmail filters mail it fetches
    Tried to block known bots in htaccess from crawling my site
    Have had cloudflare act as a cdn Apparently it also eliminates bot traffic.

    I dont know what else to do, i know spam is part of it but i get nailed by like 40 mails a day.

    Anybody have some suggestions to lessen this im sure there must be more.

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    Is it safe to say you do all the other good stuff:

    Never post your address to a public site like this forum.
    Never reply to any of the spam mail.

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    Ouch yea thats blind...
    I am guilty of a few things posting address in public like on this forum - Didnt even think of that,
    I don't really post my email anywhere.
    Two things the - not showing naked mails on you website via javascript - BUT i've also read a lot of bots work around this with ease.

    Second thing was not to use info@yourdomain as everybody uses info not sure I an see how this would make writing a spambot really simple even if you hide your email address can just write s script to grab a domain and add info@ and take a shot.

    Lastly I never reply to spam mail, though i must admit sometimes I would love to send a few curse words their way. I have thus far been pretty good on that.

    Akismet hasn't helped me much on some of the wp side of things to be honest but this could be because of said items above. Neither has recaptcha or honeypots.

    I did notice that when you write a little custom php mail script ( not convention label id and values ) then the spam drops. I wonder if bots go around looking of "footprints" of popular and conventional contact forms.

    I also wonder lastly if you email address is out there and flying through the web is it already too late. Like does it circulate.

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    Try to avoid opening spam emails and clicking on links in spam messages.
    Don't buy anything from a spammer. ...
    Don't be tempted to reply. ...
    Don't threaten the spammer. ...
    Avoid 'unsubscribe' options. ...
    Use a disposable email address.

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    akismet and google recaptcha v3 solved issues for me. Ofc there is some mails from old subscribed forums and pages but overall i blocked around 70% of spam.

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    Now a days email spamming becomes the biggest issue.

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    You need to constantly block spammers, there is no other way

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    Never click any suspicious links in the email, and sometimes there are emails that disguise as other big organizations so you gotta be careful of those.

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    You probably register on many websites and make your email visible. But I do the same and can't even get 40 spam emails in a month. I don't understand how it works...

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