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    Talking Hi! My Presentation

    Hello, I am Alejandro and I have been living from cybersecurity for a couple of years, I started with bug bounty programs while I was studying Criminology, I have been researching this world since I was given access to my first computer, I was 9 years old, I started breaking many PCs of the ancients, learning how to reinstall the system (to break it again) to go through different programming languages ​​and of course the continuous practice with CTFs. A few months ago I decided to diversify and started offering cybersecurity services to companies and SMEs. I recently added a mini academy on my page where I teach from the basics of Pentesting and Hacking to how to automate processes with AI. I will contribute everything I can to the forum!

    Best regards! and remember, a great power requires a great responsibility!

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Congratulations! Welcome abroad

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