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Thread: mobile internet speed

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    mobile internet speed

    Regards. My website have slow mobile 'site speed', it is 6 seconds. Thats too slow. It should be max 3 seconds. What should I do to make it quicker.

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    Well there are a multitude of reasons for a slow website.
    YOu can easily google and find out why simple things like images not being compressed and code bloat become in my opinion more prevalent on a slower internet connection ( you may never notice them on a desktop).

    Now the question is is you issue specific to mobile devices or is your website also generally slow on a desktop.

    Its really impossible to say without seeing the website however lookup things like gt metrix, googles pagespeed insights and lastly lighthouse. Also throttle your computer connection with chrome and run your site with developer mode switched to a mobile side. Open up the network tab record and hard reload. Then you can monitor what is taking so long to load and start working from there.

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    Best place to check page speed is googles page speed insights. There is alot of things to make mobile page load fast enaugh.
    Lets say you are using some cms like wordpress, drupal or joomla. Get rid of useless plugins. Optimise js and css, lazy load images, fix render blocking. There is alot of plugins to do some things for you, some things should be done by urself. Like remove unused css.

    Just use google. There is plenty of answers how to do most of the things.

    Also feel free to pm me if you have any questions.

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    If you do not know about on-page SEO ,it is normally like that.

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    Is mobile optimization better than AMP?

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    Check the issue in google page speed insights and optimize the page speed.

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