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Thread: creating social media accounts for clients cant create accounts?

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    creating social media accounts for clients cant create accounts?

    Hey all

    So as part of my job I am meant to create a facebook page, Instagram account, twitter and Pinterest for whatever niche the client is in.

    I have been setting up Gmails for the client and then attempting to create accounts for the various social media sites.

    First one I do is Instagram it wont let me create one for my client...

    Am I being blocked from signing up to new accounts somehow?

    what is the workaround?


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    What happens doesn't happen when you try to create the account?

    Any error messages?

    I'd guess that Instagram see's a Cookie on your computer which is preventing you from creating another account. Or your specific IP address is already been recorded.

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    You can create an account by using different browsers with different ips

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    maybe clearing the caches and cookies might help.

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    "Creating social media accounts for clients can indeed have its challenges, especially on platforms like Instagram with stringent spam prevention measures. Your advice about experimenting with different devices or browsers is a good approach to overcome these initial hurdles. Sometimes, a little change can make a big difference.
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    Thanks for sharing your insights on tackling this issue. "

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