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Thread: Hacking and unauthorize login

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    Hacking and unauthorize login

    Hi! we are operating a custom website for the last few years and it's going well. but in recent days we have noticed a significant attack on our website after our site is rank on top of Google searches. can anyone guide or tell a software that can keep us the same from unauthorize attack? Thanks in advance.

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    Change the Admin password to something with 20 Characters.

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    How to secure your PC from hackers:

    1. Use a firewall

    3. Install an anti-spyware package

    4. Use complex passwords

    5. Keep your OS, apps and browser up-to-date

    6. Ignore spam

    7. Back up your computer

    8. Shut it down

    9. Use virtualization

    10. Secure your network

    11. Use two-factor authentication

    12. Use encryption

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