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Thread: How to get better and high quality backlinks?

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    How to get better and high quality backlinks?

    What are some of process we can use to get better and high quality backlinks?

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    First and most important suggestion is make a good content. By doing that you will start getting backlinks from different sources. Not all will be good but this is how it is. Non legit way is purchase them but you must be carefull with that, there is tons of scammers and pages with high DR will charge you alot .... Forget about spamming comments and forums its useless.

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    The truth is You can not deny the power of backlinks. With the help of an SEO Expert in Bangladesh, you can easily earn the benefit of high-quality backlinks for your business.

    There are few ways you can follow to earn backlinks

    Build Backlinks from authority news sites and blogs
    Publish High-quality content
    Leverage relations with relevant sites
    Create Infographics
    Comments on other relevant blogposts

    All of these strategies ultimately help you in building high-quality backlinks.

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    You can do directory submission, or forum submission also works well.

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    forum back links

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    Careful ...

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    And be careful where you post your backlinks. Backlinks to a Web Development site that are posted on a Car Parts site will cause you to get penalized by Google.

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    I want to twist this conversation on its head a bit. Yes, backlinks are still the no 1 ranking factor, but it's now only the number one ranking factor IF other items such as user metrics, link placements, overall online presence, and content of the website is also up to par. Along with a ton of other stuff you will never know.

    Now you ask how can one get a quality backlink to your website. That depends on your definition of a quality backlink. Is it a HIGH "DA" site or PageRank or some other link metric that doesn't really mean anything.

    You can have 500 of those, I would rather have one backlink that brings live traffic that buys into whatever my website it's linking to. That's a quality backlink and at the end of the day im looking for sales.

    Now you can go along offering guest posts or whatnot, most people will decline if you don't pay, high traffic sites sell links even for YOUR hard crafted article to appear there seems unfair doesn't it?

    Well, guess what that's just the way Google will have it you know why? Because if your business cant rank, or is spending a ton of money on backlinks that come with all kinds of risks, you will get to the point where you say. Why don't we just use AdWords...

    Google makes changes to its algorithm about 4 times a year when organic rankings go haywire, people spends tons of time and money trying to figure out what it is this time.

    Google promotes directories that will have your exact website content alongside others above your business result. Duplicate content? Not if Google says so. We will make it rank it highly relevant.

    My point here is forget organic, you will only ever get up there if you go blackhat and it will only be for a while. If you want to be in it for the long run. You will have to use paid advertising or create your own directory.

    Googles going to make sure of that.

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    How to Get Better Backlinks

    In order to get better backlinks, you should focus on the strategy of effective content marketing. You should produce quality informative content which webmasters would like to link back happily or give references. Secondly, you may apply for guest posts in authoritative sites like Mashable, Huffingtonpost, etc.

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