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Thread: How to get better and high quality backlinks?

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    get right into the techniques:

    1. Become a Source For Reporters and Bloggers (HARO)
    2. Publish “Skyscraper” Content
    3. Build Links From Outdated Resources
    4. Use Content Formats Proven To Generate Links
    5. Publish Ultimate Guides
    6. Use Branded Strategies and Techniques
    7. Authority Resource Pages

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    Get backlinks from High Domain authority sites like forum, Guest posting, Social Media sharing and CA

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    search your competitors backlinks using tools like ahref,semrush,backlinkminer.choose only high da backlinks and do follow.also use search operators this will help you get more website details based on your niche.

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    For your site to rank, you need to build a solid off-page strategy, which includes linking building. You need to find high authority sites which are relevant to your niche. If you are not sure of how to execute your backlink strategy, then you must consult professional digital marketing consultants who are experts in link building and help you rank your site at the top of Google and other search engines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willsonrobin21 View Post
    What are some of process we can use to get better and high quality backlinks?
    Backlinks are very important to build status that the website is trusted and also it helps to get high traffic to the website. But to make some high quality backlinks is also important to tell google that the website is good for the user. Here are some tricks to get high quality backlinks:
    • Guest posting can be a best source to get high quality backlinks.
    • Build internal links for your websites
    • Promote your content on the different platform
    • Take help from Google Search Console to get backlinks
    • Find broken links to get backlinks
    • Spy on your competitors to know from where they get backlinks for their sites.

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    A backlink from any source; comment blogging, web 2.0, bookmarking, or forum are good for your website But, one thing which is very much important is the spam score of the website from where you are taking the backlink. For example, if the spam score of the site from where you are taking backlinks is higher than 5 then never take a back link. While those websites that are holding spam scores less than 5 are good to go.

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    Start with directories, blogs and social media.

    Then spy on your competitors and look where they have backlinks, then make them also for you.

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    To secure high-quality backlinks, prioritize exceptional content creation, engage with influencers, guest post on respected platforms, and explore broken link prospects. Valuable connections lead to impactful SEO results.

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    Site promotion is a very difficult topic. But at the same time, it is very profitable and allows you to make a good profit. If you master these technologies, then you are guaranteed stable good earnings. Recently, a link placement method has been used to promote new resources.

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    Hi all. Yes, you are right, and it’s good that there are such forums, I actually used SEO promotion a couple of times and for some time it really helps, but there is no magic pill that I would do once and forget. this should be done constantly or regularly repeat those actions that really help, because besides backlinks there are many other methodologies.

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