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Thread: Which threads are harmful to the website?

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    Which threads are harmful to the website?

    Hello guys,

    I do not know too much about technology. Which threads can be harmful to our website? How to avoid any threads? Nowadays, I am reading about website designing, and I have to learn about them.
    So I want some suggestions.

    Thank you!

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    Define "threads" please.

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    Scammers, malicious attacks, hackers, and Data leaks. You can use an SSL certificate for security purposes.

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    Websites are often harmed by DDoS attacks that disrupt the site's normal functioning and block access to the server. Among other threats there are spam comments to blog posts that might contain phishing and malware links. Those harmful links are often sent to website owners and administrators via email listed in website contacts, domain lookup, etc. These are only a few possible threats, that's why website owners should take cybersecurity seriously.

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