Perhaps on the fringe of topics for discussion here, but:

I was wondering if anyone knows of any free/open source software that is web based that will allow me, and potentially others to make general comments and share information about suspicious connections to web servers?

Briefly I am looking to step it up from my current spreadsheet where I am tracking suspicious http requests to my websites from within my geographic area. The market is dominated by primarily three ISP providers. I know that there are shadow VPNs and bot nets operating off of residential ISP IP addresses and am trying to slowly track and figure them out. For the most part they fly under the radar of the likes of abuse db and other rbls.

So I figure that I may as well share my information and hopefully get others to contribute also. I am not looking to create a rbl or anything on that scale, just a manageable way to post and sort ip addresses and comment on each one from a website.