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Thread: Carding attacks on our ecommerce site Magento

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    Lightbulb Carding attacks on our ecommerce site Magento

    We facing the issue of carding attacks in credit card form. we contacted the payment provider they ask add Recaptcha. Is Recaptcha stop carding attacks?

    Please advice
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    Yeah, Captcha is one suggested solution you can also try implementing IP geolocation checks, and also the speed at which purchases are made can sometimes give away bots. Im not sure who your website's payment gateway provider is but they should have documentation to lessen the risk on this. I've had a run-through on all the major payment gateway merchants I use and most basically say they're no magic bullet but most start off with Recaptcha in a list of 10 it so items. So I presume it's the best they have right now. Also, are you on Cloudflare? It's a great way to mitigate a lot of bots. Though I don't like it for other reasons maybe look into a CDN that also offers protection off the bat.
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