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Thread: Beginner book on pentesting

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    Beginner book on pentesting

    I am a beginner getting in to the world of pentesting. Any recommendations on books?
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    Had to Google that one.

    What does pentesting mean?
    "Pentesting is often called “ethical hacking” by those that practice it. Pentesting is a practice designed to find the holes and backdoors that may have inadvertently been overlooked when a system, server, web application or other software was put together."

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    May you enjoy your journey into offensive security and penetration testing - Breaking into Information Security (Gill) and The Pentester Blueprint (Wylie and Crawley).

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    Hi I am a beginner in pentesting too and I wondered did you tried these ones: ''Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking''; ''The Pentester Blueprint (Wylie and Crawley)''

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