So this question is going to be a little bit complicated. I have a family member who shares my computer who gets banned on Reddit on this device on his own account. Since this is my device he got banned on, Reddit bans my account that he didn't use (this looks like an IP ban). The only problem is that I used a VPN, another email, and another web browser to create this new account. This new account has been active for a few days until it was banned again because the admin said it was linked to my family member's account. The problem with this is that I created that new account on a VPN, on a different web browser, so I'm frightened and astonished on how they linked the too.

I am really concerned that companies like Reddit can track everything you do on the web. Now, how do the admins on Reddit link two accounts ? What are the possible ways ? I know IP bans are one of them. I am not an expert on cybersecurity so please help me out, but is it possible that there is some flash cookies or some cookies on my local computer where the admins can see if one device is using two accounts ? I Googled this furiously and I found that you can delete flash cookies for Chrome, Firefox, etc, but like I said before, it seems as though the admins can link accounts by device as well. Since I made the new account on another web browser, deleting Google Chrome's flash cookies on my local drives may have not helped because somehow they know my device. If they are doing this, how are they doing this and how can I stop companies in the future from doing this to me ? I want to be anonymous as possible after this experience.

This whole experience has really shook me up to be honest. I know it may seem like I'm acting overdramatic, but it worries me that some Reddit admin can see everything I'm doing online or can know what my device is somehow. I even had a browser spoofing extension now and adguard adblock when I created the new account, but I feel like these tools are not enough. I know .onion can work, but that is way too slow for comfortable use.

I'm sure some of you will just say "sorry, we don't believe it's ethical to help you for not following Reddit's rules", but I really want to learn about cybersecurity and how these companies are able to track you. I'm a concerned citizen. I'm also a software engineer (I don't work with web related development) and I really want to understand what is going on here. I beg you to help me understand what is going on. I feel like citizens of a free country have the right to know what companies are doing. I've done rigerous Googling and could not come up with satisfying answers to my questions.

I really appreciate the help and thank you