Well, I'm SHOCKED. I know I've been online for ages (since '98), but I can't believe there's almost no great anti virus software around anymore. I'm not interested in McAffee or Norton.

Here's what I've already used:

1. Antivira (I think it's called). That was ages ago.
2. ESET - they used to be great & then their tech support started to dissipate & when I switched to Kaspersky it found a serious issue ESET NEVER found & neither did their online scanner. WOW. I spent a fortune on them too.
3. Avast - I tried them out only to find out it was blocking my MOUSE. I don't care if my mouse is old (it's an ergonomic one I will never give up), what kind of software STOPS your mouse from working??? Me & my website coder lost 2-3 hours trying to figure out why the mouse wasn't working when I finally questioned Avast.

And then their tech support guy on their forum guy was an idiot telling me I should have written to them FIRST before trying to change my e-mail address. Why in the WORLD would I think of writing to them first? You should always be able to change your e-mail addy on a forum.
4. Bitdefender - it racks up your CPU or memory & others complained about it also. I finally uninstalled it.
5. Kaspersky - I made a mistake by paying for 2 years in advance. I've only been with this since Oct. of last year.

In the last few months I have lost tons of my time & been severely stressed out by them. Their software STOPS me from downloading software. It NEVER asks me if I want to block or allow it, IT decides on its own. It also blocked me from registering on a site.

Their tech support doesn't understand English & it took a month to get a manager to call me when they were the ones who suggested I talk to them on the phone. I had to e-mail them over & over again asking why I've never gotten a call.

Their software was updating Opera on its own, & then setting it as my DEFAULT BROWSER. They blamed it on Opera in the end, but I don't think it was Opera.

Their software is NOT user friendly & even my website coder couldn't find the instructions to stop the software or sites from being blocked. Even one of their popups has NO way to X out of it. It just stays on the screen unless I tell it to delete the software that I DO want.

And now I couldn't write up a ticket because they have a bug on their site that doesn't have options in a drop down menu.

Any other ideas? I need a quality one.