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Thread: Antionline Compromised?

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    Antionline Compromised?

    Hi Everyone.

    Not been here for ages.

    I've had a spam email delivered to my unique email address that I use for this forum.

    Could the forum have been compromised?

    Edit: Apparently it was, 5 years ago.

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    I've heard rumors from NON Site owners etc..... but nothing definite. The fact that we have nothing worth losing here helps.....

    If you want, spend some time via google with a few buzz words and you'll see some of our own threads like: which could be easily confused etc..

    The site has been sending you an email in July for your birthday for a long time... In theory, one of those could have been intercepted.

    Several years back we did start forcing members to change their password.... I don't recall the parameters, but the change was for "active" members. Meaning, members that had not visited the site for a long while were not affected. Generally, it's good a business practice to do this.

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    No worries here...just glad to get a "happy birthday" once a year.
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