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Thread: Tips to attract more traffic to your blog site.

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    Tips to attract more traffic to your blog site.

    If you are a new blogger then there are certain tricks that experienced bloggers use in order to capture more traffic which results in more ad revenue and sponsorships. I learned these things from a Software House in Pakistan where they were managing a number of blogs for SEO and other purposes. What I learned was:

    - Always use catchy titles for your articles, force the viewer to read the entire thing
    - Always use keyword-based titles
    - Use keyword planner tool to get new keywords and article ideas
    - Always accept guest posts from sites with better DA scores than yours

    Using these tricks did wonder for the blogs they were managing I am sure these will help you guys too, feel free to reply for any question or any trick that you use for your blog site.

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    Create Attractive and viral content
    Use long tail keywords in your blog content
    Share your content on social media pages

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    Thank you for these tips and good luck

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    To do so just need to write the right piece of content with proper information, just help readers and the traffic will increase accordingly.

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