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    Wordpress theme

    What is the best WordPress theme which is fully customizable?

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    I Don't think this is an easy one to answer. There are some decent themes out there. There's a bit of an issue with what you are asking. In my experience, WordPress themes that DO IT ALL are some of the worst in terms of code bloat.

    Honestly also no theme can do it all, you will often find that it has a certain amount of features but for x feature, you need to buy x plugin which is fair enough. However, this is basically adding a plugin to the website, which you could do with a normal theme.

    You may look into page builders and see if that isn't what you are looking for. Some have gotten smart and started using dynamic js and modules meaning if you don't use them we won't load it. This is nice, you get a lot of potential functionality and can cut the bloat if you want.

    I think Astra was or is still rated as one of the top multipurpose themes. I found it horrible, little things like massive HTML file outputs of which 50% is CSS. Googlebot didn't like that at all and when we switched from it we saw a massive rank increase. they have since then rectified the issue. Then even if you get the premium version there are add-ons that you buy separately.

    My point is there is no perfect Do it all theme, least not that I know of.

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    There are number of theme out there to meet your business needs. Pick the right one.

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