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Thread: How to set password for computer?

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    How to set password for computer?

    Several Ways Of De-wrinkling Clothes

    What if you are traveling but you have the best basic sewing machine for beginners so you can complete the project in time but you donít have an iron? How you are supposed to press the seams and how you are supposed to remove wrinkles from fabric?

    In this blog, we will help you in learning what are other ways of pressing fabric? And removing wrinkles from it.

    Hair Straightener:

    Other than iron, the first option to try when you donít have iron around you is a hair straightener. This must be in your travel bag and especially when you have to keep yourself presentable.

    De-wrinkling Clothes by using Hair Straightener

    You can also press garments from the straightener. Simply keep your fabric flat on the table and by putting a layer of the fabric in between rods, start pulling it as you do with hair. You can see how it will remove wrinkles.

    Damp Towel:

    The damp towel can do an amazing trick when it comes to eliminating wrinkles. Keep the fabric flat on the hard surface and then use a damp towel over it. Make sure the towel is not too wet, keep the towel over the fabric and press it lightly by hand.

    Repeat the process 2-3 times and you can see how there will be no wrinkles. You can also try this trick while pressing seams, it will help you in making them flat easily.

    Blow Dry:

    When you are working on some heavy material like leather or velvet then, of course, you also have to remove the wrinkles. Before you put fabric under the best sewing machine for beginners, you need to make it good in appearance. A good beginner sewing machine can give you amazing results in the end if you are maintaining the quality of the fabric.

    Simply hang fabric on the hanger and use a blow dry on it. Pull it a little and use a blow dry on wrinkles.


    De-wrinkle fabric by using ice

    Do you know that ice can also do wonders when it comes to removing wrinkles from clothes? You simply just have to keep a few ice cubes inside the dryer and by heat, it will create steam inside. That steam will remove wrinkles from shirts and other pieces of clothing. Leave your clothes with ice and dryer for 15 minutes and the results will be amazing.

    By Hand:

    Itís also possible to remove wrinkles by hand. When you have washed the fabric then remove it from the dryer when itís slightly wet. Now hang it somewhere and pull it by hand. Start smoothing wrinkles by hand and once the garment will be dried, you can see how there will be no wrinkles. If the fabric is thick then you can use fabric softener as well to eliminate wrinkles quickly.


    No matter if you are sewing with a conventional machine or you are using the top rated sewing machines for beginners, there will be a problem if your fabric is not flat and wrinkle-free. Even there will be difficulty in using a good sewing machine because you have to pull the fabric to see the stitch performance.
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