I did a lot of research before posting on here so I apologize upfront if its a little newbish. That said I have a jpeg image that is hand drawn that is a map for a "contest". After looking at the map I noticed some simple stuff hidden within that could just be picked out with my eyes. I wondered though if there was more and after using image processing features on dcode I have realized there is multiple layers of info that comes out depending on what I use on there like CMYK Channels, CPBit map image, EXIF Data, and on and on. I also was able to get some stuff to show using some features inside adobe photoshop.
My question is it seems this is way above just drawling something and hiding a few things in the drawling with basic steganography skills. Its like the drawling looks hand drawn but it would almost have to be programmed or created with some type of software. Because I have found areas that have multiple things show in same area of the jpeg depending on what filter or whatever I have ran. So its layered I guess is the best way to put it.
For anyone that can help I would be willing to share what I win for the contest if we can figure it out. Thanks for any guidance on the subject. I didn't want to post pics until I knew it would be ok to do so.