Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum/website, I just finished watching a video from Adrian Crenshaw so I decided to keep fighting, and not give up hope. I honestly don't even know anymore if I am on a legit website. I promise to keep my story and call for advice and help short and sweet, because a person like myself who suffers from ADHD, I want to be able to keep your attention long enough, in case you suffer from the same issue, as I am desperate for some help. (I don't use these words lightly)

It happened in September 2021 when I received an alert that someone was using my credit card, a simple personal identity fraud, but boy was I wrong. In October, everything exploded. I had an Orbi router and found a suspicious 'listening/monitoring' device on my list of devices. As I tried to remove them via my iphone app, I lost complete control of my iphone. Most iphone features were locked. I could not turn off locations, there was a personal hotspot pulsating in the middle of applications (Not where it typically shows in cellular settings), apps I have never seen or downloaded. I couldn't delete the apps. Every time I turned off bluetooth, it would turn back on. This is with every bluetooth device being removed my apartment. Our smart tv had 3-4 devices attached to it that I could not remove, factory reset would not work, there was rapid flashing light from the tv. I had green lights on my phone (photo/video) which i didn't know was recording and orange light which i didn't realize was recording. I only knew once I went to the apple store and told them about the issue. My apple computers were frozen, keychains were wiped, all apple id's were frozen, google accounts and all email accounts hacked. Every time I tried to create a new email, it would be hacked instantly. I tried creating emails in different states. When I called my credit card company's to advise them of the fraud, it wasn't the credit card company's. It was the middle man attack. Even though I contacted the number on the back. They changed all my security questions to the point where I have been locked out of my accounts. We have the FBI, DA and 2 cybersecurity company's involved. They found nothing on the hardware. I have gone through 20 phone numbers with 3 different carriers, and they have hijacked every number, as soon as they came in contact with a tv, another phone, or computer. It didn't matter if it was a iphone, android or disposable phone. I could not install authentication apps because they took control of all emails. We had to move into hotels, but everytime we used a credit card in my name, they GPS located me. They called the hotel, and found out what room I am in. So we tried aliases. The hotel rooms that they did find us in, the inboud calls and VM would not work. Currently, we have no wifi, i have no phone, or computer. I am sharing my husbands. We have a LAN. OUr phone is being re-routed again to the hackers. We have proof, I know you are sitting there thinking, 'well how do you know?', trust me. When we got through the real agents, they advised me they have no record of me ever calling. My google page is not the same as yours. It's the dark web. I am seeing things that I should not be seeing. Please picture someone being logged in on your devices at at the same time as you, at all times. That is what it feels like. My amazon tv turns off on it's own, and the volume increases. There are apps on there that I did not add and can't delete. There is so much more, but I don't want to keep going. I have an FBI agent who is overworked and doesn't give a ****. I don't know what to do. Is there anyone out there that can offer any advice? E