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Thread: What should I do with links in comments on my site?

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    What should I do with links in comments on my site?

    I haven’t launched the article commenting system on my site yet, it's in the process of debugging, but suddenly I understood that comments on my site will most likely be used for not only sharing users' opinion, but for posting links as well. Both inbound links and outbound. Some useful, and some will definitely be spammy ones.

    Pre-moderation is looks a bit outdated to me, as now everyone wants to see their message posted immediately. But I also don’t want to turn my site into a link farm.

    How do you solve the problem of links in comments?

    Maybe disable links altogether? Or replace them with asterisks ***? Or turn then into text?

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    We have the same problem here... We are able to make any post with a link go into a pre-mod que for review on NEW Members.

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    You can review comments and approve that on site.

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    What we did was remove the URL field in the comment fields we found this made a lot of bots skip us, the only way to get a link in is to put it in the actual comment. but escaped so no backlink. This to me allows people to share useful articles without making your website look like a link farm. If I find a link that's particularly good il allow it to be an actual clickable link because outbound linking to good resources is a good thing. If you are worried about Google I would not worry too much about the user-generated content isn't something they are interested in.

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