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Thread: Open Source Reporting 2022

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    Open Source Reporting Software 2022

    The Helical Insight is provides regular and out-of-the-mill features expected of a BI tool such as email scheduling, visualization, exporting, multi-tenancy, user role management, etc. The apogee, however, is that with its API-driven framework, it allows and empowers the end-users to add any functionality as per requirement! The functionality could be at the front end (like adding a new chart or chart type) or even at the back end (like integrating machine learning or altogether creating a new business process flow).
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    Depends on who you ask.

    "Best" for who?

    "Best"for what?

    "Best" according to whom?

    There are 17.9 billion people on this planet. Which one has the opinion you would like to hear?

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