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Thread: I need help

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    I need help


    Not really sure where I could post this but I need immediate help. So this has been an issue forever now. Someone within my vicinity is able to hack my network somehow and speak to me through the television as well as even my phone. This is starting to happen frequently and at random and any time during the day. They have gotten to the point of harassing me. Just today I called my internet provider and they donít know how to stop it but they told me where I can see what devices are using my internet. I found a few of them that are unknown and arenít mine. Maybe this can point you in the right direction. What I need help with is maybe how to stop it? As they are harassing me at this point. Also, I have a few ip and MAC address Iím worried about that are connected to my internet. Is there a way to see where they are coming from and what device they are? To possibly learn how they are doing this.

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    Did you change the password to your router?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R Jones View Post
    Did you change the password to your router?
    Agreed, this would be the first step. Then I'd look to see if the router had any updates outstanding which could prevent insecure/outdated authentication methods from working.

    As you re-add each device to the network, check their settings make sure that the device does not 'share' itself in any other way, i.e. doesn't have it's own network to connect to.
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