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Thread: Can spyware be installed on iPhone?

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    Can spyware be installed on iPhone?

    Hey everyone, I suspect that I have spyware installed on my iPhone 8 Plus. My friends began to receive calls and messages in messages that I did not commit. I suspect specific person in this.

    My iPhone was not jailbroken and the latest version of iOS was installed. The phone was in the hands of a person I suspect. At that moment, when the phone was in the hands of that person, I did not see what was happening on the screen, it was in his hands for about 1-2 minutes, and after he returned it to me, the phone began to reboot. There was no passcode on the phone. I also charged my phone with his lightning charger.

    I suspect that the spyware was installed while the phone was in his hands, or via Lightning. Is this possible with a non-jailbroken iPhone?

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    Yes You can install Spyware onto your iPhone remotely via any malicious app, or manually if someone gains access to your phone.

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